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What you, as a client receive from me:

  • Courteous caring lawyer who is passionate about the law and will fight with zealousness to see that you are treated fairly
  • Quick response time – no more talking to the secretary, direct contact with the lawyer
  • Easily accessible – phone, email, etc
  • Fair fees
  • Confidentiality

Why me?

Lawyers have developed a certain reputation in society. They do not return calls, they are rude, they do not listen, they do not care, they are not 100% honest, and they are expensive.

  • I will break those molds. I do keep regular business hours but I can also be available to my clients via phone and email at ANY time they may need me. If you are working and need to have an after hour or weekend appointment I will accommodate. If you have children and cannot find a sitter, no problem, bring them to the appointment. If you or a loved one is arrested late at night, I will be reachable and responsive. I will be available when you need me.
  • I will treat you with respect each time we are in contact.
  • Listening is a key to being a good lawyer; I will listen to what you have to say. Part of my job is to make sure that you are comfortable and understand that I care.
  • Often there are times that what the law says is not what a client wants to hear. Regardless of what the truth and law says I will tell you with respect and care.
  • Lawyers can be expensive because they charge by the hour. In most cases I will charge you a flat fee with all the costs and expenses stated up front. I will treat your money like my own. There are times when an hourly fee is what is necessary and I will let you know and discuss the overall expected costs if this is the case.

Fighting for your Consumer Rights

In Illinois, a lot of your rights as a consumer are set out by the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and other consumer protection laws that cover the most typical consumer trades.

You may never need this ever if you’re like these ladies in this dealdash reviews video who are really satisfied with their favorite online shopping merchant

However, you can always review your rights in the event that you believe a company has wronged you. It is step one before you can file a grievance with the ministry or the company.

The law safeguards your consumer rights when you purchase services or goods. Contact us for consumer protection guidance.

You may get help when things fail or if you are treated badly. This consists of:

  • problems with merchants
  • problems with contracts
  • poor service
  • credit and store cards
  • faulty goods
  • rogue traders
  • counterfeit goods

We can advise you about your consumer rights. We are able to also refer your grievance to local Trading Standards officers who will then investigate for your benefit.

Under the Consumer Protection Act, when you purchase a product, it should be delivered within 30 days of the delivery date that was promised or you’ll be able to request a refund. But should you decide to maintain the thing which was delivered late, you lose your right.

In addition, you can not be billed for receiving service or an item which you didn’t request. The thing can be used by you or throw it away.